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15 Florida Avenue, Black Mountain
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths in the Ridgecrest Community

Dawn Wilson - (828) 776-6657

89 Locust Street, Black Mountain
3 BR, 2 1/2 Bath Built in 2016
Under Contract - Backups Welcome

Dawn Wilson - (828) 776-6657

Inventory is very low in Western NC right now, so if you've been thinking about it, this might be a good time to sell YOUR property!

See the list below for a proven track record.
We would love to list your house!

Previous Sales:


553 Shady Ridge, Waynesville   Closed

24 White Willow Ridge, Black Mountain   Sold

337 Chapel Road, Black Mountain   Closed

190 Elk Mountain Road, Asheville   Sold

289 Wilson Cove Road, Swannanoa   Closed

103 & 105 Altamahaw, Black Mountain   Sold

9 Kenilworth Knoll #125, Asheville   Sold

10 Fitzgerald Road Unit A, Black Mountain   Closed

34 Cotton Creek Circle, Black Mountain   Closed

14 Sunny Hollow Lane, Fairview   Closed

181 Shea Drive, Marion   Closed

717 South Main Street, Waynesville   Closed

104 Church Road, Fairview   Closed

15 Forest Lane, Black Mountain   Sold


306 Allen Mountain Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

62 Crestmont Avenue, Asheville   Sold

355 Buckeye Cove Road, Swannanoa   Closed

150 Winding Ridge Road, Black Mountain   Sold

209 S Oconeechee Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

Lot 3 McCoy Cove Road, Black Mountain   Sold

50 Deer Run Road, Black Mountain   Sold

109 Morning Glory Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

127 Long Branch Road, Swannanoa   Sold

95 Greenwells Glory Drive, Biltmore Lake   Closed

213 Cheyenne Ct., Asheville   Closed

113 S. Richardson Blvd., Black Mountain   Closed

23 Leisure Mountain Road, Asheville   Sold

4527 Bethlehem Road, Old Fort   Sold

205 Blueberry Lane, Black Mountain   Sold

1149 Montreat Road, Black Mountain   Sold

212 Rosy Branch Farm, Black Mountain   Sold

98 Clear View Drive, Mars Hill   Closed

7-B Bent Grass Court, Black Mountain   Closed

51 Terry Estates Drive, Black Mountain   Closed

34 Sunset Drive, Swannanoa   Closed

603 Carriage Commons, Hendersonville   Closed

34 Sunset Drive, Swannanoa   Sold

557 Bee Tree Road, Swannanoa   Sold

1 Coventry Circle, Asheville   Sold

301 Kyfields Drive, Weaverville   Closed

567 Bee Tree Road, Swannanoa   Closed

111 Clear View Drive, Mars Hill   Closed

230 Tanager Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

4 Thunder Road, Waynesville   Closed

822 N. Oconeechee Avenue, Black Mountain   Closed

8 Knoll Hill, Black Mountain   Sold


Lot on Dalton Street, Black Mountain   Closed

106 Clear View Drive, Mars Hill   Closed

110 South Park Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

51 Laurel Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

8 Mandolin Drive, Black Mountain   Closed

1001 NC Hwy. 9, Black Mountain   Closed

25 Buckingham Court, Asheville   Sold

21 Dogwood Grove, Asheville   Sold

Lot 14 Timber Park Drive, Black Mountain   Closed

85 Burnt Ridge Trail, Black Mountain   Sold

34 Diana Drive, Black Mountain   Closed

314 Melanie Lane, Black Mountain   Sold

820 Baileys Branch Road, Marshall   Sold

185 Beverly Road, Asheville   Closed

17 Jeff Drive, Asheville   Closed

43 Galax Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

173 Camp Elliott Road, Black Mountain   Sold

Edwards Loop, Old Fort   Sold

89 Locust Street, Black Mountain   Closed

17 Little Cedar Court, Asheville   Closed

36 White Willow Ridge, Black Mountain   Closed

165 Memorial Park Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

55 Glade Lane, Black Mountain   Sold

523 Rhododendron Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

Lackey Town Road, Old Fort   Sold

143 Red Huckleberry Lane, Hendersonville   Closed

134 Kanawha Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

31 Eden Glen Road, Black Mountain   Sold

12 Barger Road, Asheville   Sold

104 Westview Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

529 Oak Hill Court, Hendersonville   Closed

44 Galax Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

301 Brandi Drive, Asheville   Sold

9 Kenilworth Knoll, Asheville   Closed

69 Summer Breeze Drive, Fletcher   Closed

411 Lookout Road, Asheville   Closed

Lots 22 & 23 Summer Haven Road, Swannanoa   Sold

10 Dries Drive, Old Fort   Sold

14 Goldmont Street, Black Mountain   Closed

171 Broad Street, Marion   Sold

103 Locust Street, Black Mountain   Closed

#3 Small Mountain Drive, Asheville  Sold

#2 Small Mountain Drive, Asheville  Sold

331 Orchard Circle, Hendersonville  Closed

35 Pinebrook Club Road, Asheville   Closed

TBD Penland Cove Road, Black Mountain   Sold

95 Guffey Mountain Road, Fairview   Closed


74 Ottaray Court, Brevard   Sold

35 Byrd Road, Black Mountain   Sold

190 Harrison Hill Road, Swannanoa   Sold

60 Whispering Pines Drive, Marion   Closed

16 Penland Cove Road, Black Mountain   Sold

4527 Bethlehem Road, Old Fort   Closed

101 Woodland Drive, Swannanoa   Closed

1140 North Fork Road, Black Mountain   Closed

215 East College Street, Black Mountain   Sold

31 Dogwood Knoll, Black Mountain   Closed

10 Walker Cove Road, Black Mountain   Closed

5 Sandy Branch, Black Mountain   Sold

151 Buckner Road, Black Mountain   Sold

74 Tupper Road, Black Mountain   Sold

264 Beechwood Circle, Hendersonville   Sold

6 Mountain Farm Lane, Black Mountain   Sold

211 Altamahaw Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

10 Snypes Lane, Black Mountain   Sold

Lot 6 Mountain View Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

47 Lost Mountain Lane, Asheville   Sold

257 East Main Street, Marion   Closed

505 Oakwilde Drive, Hendersonville   Closed

501 Azalea Avenue, Black Mountain   Closed

101 Fairway Drive, Black Mountain   Closed

18 Mountain View Avenue, Black Mountain   Closed

315 Forest Brook Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

301 Brandi Drive, Asheville   Closed

104 Spring Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

213 Brookside Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

123 Shadowbrook Drive, Asheville   Sold

5 Thicket Lane, Black Mountain   Closed

2 Holiday Drive, Arden   Closed

3 Alpine Court, Asheville   Sold

29 Acadia Drive, Asheville   Closed

1239 Hyman Avenue, Hendersonville   Closed

378 Old Haw Creek Road, Asheville   Sold

805 Pheasant Street, Lake Lure   Closed

95 Hampton Road, Leicester   Closed

70 Mountain Ridge Drive, Asheville   Sold

801 Lakey Gap Road, Black Mountain   Sold

110 Dalya Road, Swannanoa   Sold

2 Border Street, Black Mountain   Sold

458 Morgan Road, Candler   Closed

138 Cisco Road, Asheville   Closed

35 Marker Pine Lane, Swannanoa   Sold

100 5th Street, Black Mountain   Closed

204 South Oconeechee Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

25 Sunbird Lane, Asheville   Sold

316 Christian Creek Road, Swannanoa   Closed

523 Rhododendron Avenue, Black Mountain   Closed

8 Country Lane, Candler   Closed


TBD Bat Cave Road, Old Fort   Sold

174 Joyner Avenue, Asheville   Sold

3409 Old Fort Sugar Hill Road, Old Fort   Closed

115 Beechtree Drive, Black Mountain   Closed

84 Lanvale Avenue, Asheville   Closed

24 Viera Drive, Swannanoa Closed

230 Lumber River Road, Fletcher   Closed

61 Jazaka Ridge Lane, Swannanoa   Sold

10 East Fork, Lot 2, Black Mountain   Sold

11 Old Mine Road, Swannanoa   Sold

Lot 14 Grouse Ridge-Miller Cove, Black Mountain   Closed

11 West Cotton Avenue, Black Mountain   Sold

123 Beaver Ridge Road, Asheville   Closed

212 Sunset Drive, Black Mountain   Sold

362 North Fork Road, Black Mountain   Sold

74 Riddle Road, Swannanoa  Closed

141 Edwards Avenue, Swannanoa  Closed

387 Fairview Road, Asheville   Closed

103 Altamahaw Avenue, Black Mountain   Closed

10 Asa Court, Black Mountain   Sold

15 Roselyn Way, Black Mountain   Sold

34 East Porter Road, Asheville   Closed

258 Winding Ridge Road, Black Mountain   Sold

46 High Alta Avenue, Asheville   Closed

Lot 3 Sunset Drive, Swannanoa   Sold

94 Aurora Drive, Asheville   Closed

2338 Riceville Road, Asheville   Sold

70 Hampden Road, Asheville   Sold

117 East Charleston Avenue, Swannanoa  Closed

42 Schenck Pkwy, Bldg. 4A #307, Asheville   Closed

213 E College Street, Black Mountain   Sold

151 S Ridgeway Avenue, Black Mountain   Closed

38 Kirkland Drive, Asheville   Closed

1693 Lake Tahoma Road, Marion   Sold

16 Fairway Drive, Asheville  Sold

3 Glade Lane, Black Mountain   Closed


129 Morning Glory Lane, Black Mountain   Sold

103 Israel Road, Candler   Sold

27 Eden Glen Road, Black Mountain   Closed

81 Chestnut Hill Road, Black Mountain   Sold

21 Dogwood Grove, Asheville  Closed

307 Tabernacle Road, Black Mountain   Sold

36 Quick Silver Road, Weaverville  Closed 

30 Millbrook Road, Asheville  Closed

6694 Bear Creek Road, Marshall Closed

5 Burnette Drive, Black Mountain  Sold

310 Burr Ridge Road, Marshall Closed

90 Dodd Road, Barnardsville  Sold

709 Azalea Avenue, Black Mountain  Sold

1250 Hawk Ridge Lane, Marshall Closed

298 Woody Drive, Asheville Closed

812 Laurel Avenue, Black Mountain  Sold

2900 Kanuga Road, Hendersonville Closed

104 West View Avenue, Black Mountain Closed

76 Boone Trail, Weaverville Closed

818 Azalea Avenue, Black Mountain  Sold

39 West Chapel Road, Asheville  Sold

Lot 14 Blueberry Lane, Swannanoa  Sold

539 Turning Leaf Lane, Mill Spring Closed

Lot 187 Catawba Falls Preserve, Black Mountain Closed

10 East Fork, Lot 8, Black Mountain  Sold

49 Greeley Street, Asheville  Closed

85 Bird Creek Estates Road, Black Mountain  Sold

15 Diana Drive, Black Mountain  Sold

37 Applecross Road, Asheville  Closed

9 Rhudy Road, Asheville  Closed

9 Eden Glen, Black Mountain Closed

514 Windswept Drive, Asheville  Sold

151 Black Oak Drive, Asheville  Closed

28 Lookout Terrace, Black Mountain  Sold

49 Highland Street, Asheville  Sold

75 Donica View, Swannanoa  Closed

1745 Sugar Camp Road, Marshall  Closed

14 Thicket Lane, Black Mountain  Closed

402 Montreat Road, Black Mountain  Sold

25 Violet Lane, Black Mountain  Closed


27 High Alta Avenue, Asheville, NC  Closed

305 Montreat Road, Black Mountain, NC  Sold 

18 The Circle Road, Asheville, NC   Closed

26 Overbrook Place, Asheville, NC  Closed

5033 Bat Cave Road, Old Fort, NC  Closed

603 Hiawassee Avenue, Black Mountain, NC Sold

9 Central Avenue West, Asheville,NC   Closed

72 Vance Avenue, Black Mountain, NC   Closed

59 Cherry Laurel Lane, Swannanoa, NC   Closed

28 Pinehurst Road, Asheville, NC   Closed

42 Honey Hollow Lane, Fairview, NC  Sold

Lot 40 Winding Ridge Road, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

18 Banks Town Road, Weaverville, NC  Sold

693 Bee Tree Road, Swannanoa, NC   Closed

Lot 41 Winding Ridge Road, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

127 Oaken Hill Place, Black Mountain, NC   Closed

107 Cisco Road, Asheville, NC   Closed

Lot 30 Churchill Downs Drive, Fairview, NC  Sold

58 Cedar Summit Road, Asheville, NC   Closed

109 Rainbow Lane, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

6 Caton Place, Black Mountain, NC   Closed

202 Allen Mountain Drive, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

174 Joyner Avenue, Asheville, NC  Closed

203 North Ridgeway Ave. Black Mountain, NC  Sold

116 Church Street, Black Mountain, NC  Closed

41 Kema Road, Swannanoa, NC  Sold

808 Rhododendron Ave, Black Mountain, NC  Closed


55 Hi View Drive, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

810 Laurel Avenue, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

16 Westview Lane, Asheville, NC  Closed

107 Loch Haven Road, Swannanoa, NC  Sold

211 Woodland Drive, Swannanoa, NC  Closed

510 Azalea Avenue, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

128 Franklin Road, Swannanoa, NC Closed 

70 Tupper Road, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

8 Oteen Park Place, Asheville, NC  Closed

10 East Fork Avenue, Black Mountain, NC  Sold

108 West View Avenue, Black Mountain, NC  Closed

5 Bell Haven Road, Asheville, NC  Closed


3 Cardinal Drive, Brevard, NC      Sold 2011

12 Laurel Trail Drive, Fairview, NC      Sold

102 East Connally Street, Black Mountain, NC

144 Lake Eden Road, Black Mountain, NC      Sold  

6 Eagle Crest Drive, Black Mountain, NC     Sold 

137 Cherry Street, Black Mountain, NC

348 Winding Ridge Road, Black Mountain, NC

208 Fountain Way, Swannanoa, NC      Closed  

203 North Ridgeway Avenue, Black Mountain, NC   Closed

906 Montreat Road, Black Mountain, NC   Closed

402 Montreat Road,  Black Mountain, NC      Closed

121 Kingsgate Road, Asheville, NC          Closed


400 Rigsby Road, Marshall, NC   Sold

714 Ninth Street, Black Mountain, NC   Sold

800 Country Drive, Mars Hill, NC   Sold

25 Eden Glen Road, Black Mountain, NC    Sold

10 East Fork Avenue, Black Mountain, NC   Sold

 205 View Street, Black Mountain, NC   Sold

100 Portmanvilla Road,  Black Mountain, NC  Closed

41 Kema Road, Swannanoa, NC  Closed

Commercial Lease, downtown Asheville, NC  Closed

103 Shadowbrook Drive, Asheville, NC   Closed

Lot 3 Sunset Road, Swannanoa, NC   Closed

19 Bartlett Mountain Road, Asheville, NC   Closed