"Jackie Tatelman is a go-to and no-nonsense realtor. A dream to work with, Jackie was very knowledgeable with the business of real estate and was able to sell our beautiful timber frame Black Mountain home in an incredible and unheard of 12 hour period. She was there for us throughout the process of settlement on our home and even helped us with long distance settlement on our new home in Santa Fe, NM, always available to answer any question we had. No problem was too big or too small for her to handle and she was able to get us over several hurdles along the way. We would not hesitate suggesting her as a realtor for anyone else."
Brad and Ellen Stroman

"There are some real estate agents that are really nice, but they don't really do very much in terms of getting the job done. I don't think we could have ever gotten to this point of having a contract without Jackie."
Bruce Homer-Smith

"We used Jackie to purchase a house, and I cannot recommend her more highly. She listened very well to our needs, even when they were changing as we looked at different properties. She was very patient and extremely knowledgeable. She is also a very good hearted person who wants the best for all of her clients and she has helped with some of the emotions around buying or selling a house, even after the sale was completed. She was a huge blessing to us as we worked through a major life decision. Jackie knows many people and resources in the Black Mountain area, and she should be the first agent you turn to when you have real estate or other needs in that area."
Larry Doochin

"Thanks for everything u r the diggity bomb! :) " . . . "She [Dawn] is a get 'er done kinda person!"

"Jackie is outstanding! She made the whole process of selling our property as easy and stress free as possible. She not only helped us understand how best to position our property but took time to explain her recommendations. She was very action-oriented in terms of marketing and once we had an offer, she followed through on everything very closely so we always felt we were being represented with great attention to detail. As 'out of town' sellers, this was crucial to a successful sale and a feeling of confidence that the sale was being handled correctly. Thank you Jackie! Can't wait to work with you on future opportunities."
Judith Henry

"Just wanted to give you some Kudos from my family. I am one of 6 siblings with interest in the Ottaray Court House. Every single member of my family has responded with great glee to the flyer, website and MLS listing. You have done a great job pulling it together, and all we Smith’s appreciate it! :)"

Thank you for all of your help in purchasing our first home! We are finally settling in and we love this house so much! Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication "
Lara and Josh

"Jackie did an excellent job marketing my home. She was always quick to respond to any questions and offered assistance whenever possible to make the whole process of selling my home less stressful."
Diane Theissen

"Yes...thank you Jackie for your hard and efficient work....the surveyor called me a few minutes ago and said that it would be ready tomorrow....amazing! Thanks for calling him....You guys do Real Estate like it is supposed to be done!"
Marvin- Black Mountain June 1, 2015

"We appreciate all you do Jackie! You have been very 'on-top' of this and it is a pleasure to work with you." Judith Henry

From a local Realtor: " It was such a pleasure meeting with you too Suzanne. I enjoy working with agents who are up to speed on process and contracts. You have been a breath of fresh air to work with. I appreciate you working late Friday evening and even on a holiday."

"I had an excellent professional experience with Ms. Wilson. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the business of registering the property for sale through finalizing the sale. She has an excellent knowledge and use of current high-tech processes, and can find the information she needs or post the information she wants to advertise. She really knows what she is doing! In addition, the intangibles are very satisfying: she is energetic, pleasant to work with, has a good sense of humor, kept me current/up-to-date on all contacts related to my sale, was prompt in what she did. I felt that my property was in excellent hands when I gave her responsibility for the sale. It was a pleasure and joy to work with her."
David Nash

    "Jackie Tatelman burst on the scene with her enthusiasm and sparkle in her unique green eyes, ready to take on a, “hard to sale house,” or, so I was told by other big well know realty's. With strikes against me from the beginning. A Deltec (round house), in the woods-on the side of a Swannanoa Mountain, on a steep road up, and, an even steeper drive way. No problem for Jackie! With all her mastership, was able to get the job done in 49 days, with 2 offers-plus!
    The incredible photographer she uses, with slide show made me worry that it made my home look-too good! Her gentle calming voice always reeling in my hyper OCD, and even providing booties with a kind laminated note on the door, requesting people, to remove their shoes. Jackie would also-ALWAYS-without fail, return all my calls and e- mails, which made me feel as a very important client to her, no matter how busy else where she may be. Jackie never failed to give her best- over and beyond-out of her way in-everything! Even while out of state for 3 weeks, she still handled my sale as if, she were still here, and with the help of Dawn and Suzanne, (also GREAT!) filling in where needed. Dawn Wilson Realty my be small in size as a group, but bigger in heart and abilities than the rest. So much so, that I fired all the big-well known agencies-for doing nothing, in exchanged for Jackie!
    Jackie and Dawn Wilson Agency is, a full service group, committed to bringing the best quality satisfaction as humanly possible!!"
Jeannot Gamache

"Hi Dawn, we are just in awe of your wherewithal, work ethic and competency. We're so grateful to be working with you."
Glen & Deb - Sellers 2015

"Jackie was very helpful and responsive to all my inquires and questions. I had several general questions about land development costs and she went above my expectations and promptly obtained estimates from local sources. She handled all the closing arrangements and made the property buying process a snap." Cheryl Taylor.

   "Dawn Wilson is the best.  She is high energy and worked hard for and with us to get our house sold.  Dawn is a good listener and she was able to successfully guide us through the chaos of selling our house.

   Our house was a very unique property.  The house was built in 1916, and the property also included a new heated studio building.  She encouraged us to get a pre-inspection and radon test, eliminating the threat of possible problems that come with an older house and squashing the notion that there was “too much work to do”.   Potential buyers knew the true condition of the house, clearing the way for offers and an eventual sale.
   To help get the house in front of the right buyer, she targeted niche clients through advertising in non-traditional newspapers/ magazines and stressed the unique character and possibilities afforded by the studio and home combination.
   Dawn has many other wonderful qualities that we learned about through the process.  She was very helpful in helping us stage the house.  She made it a point to follow up after showings, providing valuable information about what people were saying and looking for. She gently pushed us to keep focused on our repairs and our clean-out tasks and provided encouragement throughout the process.   She was always looking for ways to help us and went far beyond our expectations.  And best of all, she was fun to work with and always maintained a positive attitude.
   Dawn Wilson is the hardest working real estate agent we have ever met and we highly recommend her."

Tom & Patti, Black Mountain sellers

"Due to a career as a meteorologist with NOAA, I've moved several times over the course of 33 years with that agency. I am now in my 12th home so I've had lot's of experience with realtors buying and selling homes and Jackie is the BEST! No contest. Her strengths include her outgoing positive personality, competence in her chosen field and strong work ethic. Look no further for a great agent to represent your interests." John M.

"We wouldn't think of using anyone other than Jackie for all our real estate needs. We've listed three houses with her, bought at least two. She's the best. Knows the business, inside and out. What strikes me about Jackie is her passion and her persistence. When working for you, she leaves no stone un-turned. Just what you want in a real estate agent. Can't say enough good things about her.
As her slogan goes, "Jackie Rocks." Miles Frieden

    "Thanks. You are the best!! I can't wait to start building our house; it will be at least another year but that is so much closer than it has been. You have worked so hard, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.
    Susan said you were good, but she did not know you are GREAT!!....We will see you then and perhaps lift a glass of "something" to celebrate."

Annette & Sandi, Swannanoa land buyers

"Jackie was so responsive to all our queries right from the very beginning. She is skilled at her work and I would recommend her without reservation." S Carlyle

http://www.yourblackmthome.info/ "Pictures and text are fantastic - way to go, little badass realtor chick!"

Kate, Black Mountain Seller

 "Just let Dawn do it!"

Steve, Asheville Seller

"Jackie Tatelman is the BEST Realtor IN THE WORLD. From the time we started looking for a house until the closing one month later, she remained enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. She wanted me and my husband to be comfortable with every decision. She offered us a wealth of contacts from home inspectors to pet sitters. She made moving from Florida easy! She gave us the key to both our new house AND our new community. We LOVE Jackie. She is the REAL thing."
Sandra and Jim Schmid


"Hi Dawn,

Hope you're doing well this fine spring day.

I was doing some cleaning out of old emails this morning and ran across my email folder related to the sale of my house 12 months ago. In some ways it seems like much longer ago than that.

As I scanned thru the emails, I recalled the amazing amount of work you did last year in helping sell my home.
I'm still amazed at how much detailed stuff was required to complete the sale of the house and how you went far above and beyond what any other agents would have done to help me with the logistics of lining up repairmen, yardmen, etc........
....and.....you were also the one who connected me with the current rental cottage I now enjoy.

I just wanted to once again express a huge THANK YOU for assisting with this major event in my life.

As I reflect back on the past year, and all that has occurred since I sold my home, I am ever so pleased with my decision to sell my home and move to a smaller more economically sensible housing alternative. The sale of the home was a major step in assisting me in transitioning to a more simple and practical style of life.

I am still "in love" with my rental cottage and appreciate everything about it, the size, location, costs, landlords, .........it's worked out almost perfectly."

Don, Black Mountain Seller